19th February 2020

Auriens Chelsea project shortlisted as ‘BIM Project of the Year’

The Auriens Chelsea project has been shortlisted for the ‘BIM Project of the Year’ by the BIM Awards 2020.

From the beginning of the design process the supply chain have had a contractual obligation to create digital models, coordinate and collaborate with their peers, define how models and their data should be set out while ensuring there is sufficient detail without being restrictive. Each supply chain member has been able to use whichever bespoke software best suited their internal processes and procedures as long as their software allows them to collaborate with others.

Defining these standards from the start has enabled Auriens Chelsea to explore new and innovative ways of working, upskilling the supply chain and software providers along the way.

While the impact may be difficult to quantify directly, the contractor Multiplex have been able to identify over 750 issues to date, which if identified on site at the point of installation would cause delay and cost significantly more.

Please click play on the video link to watch a short time lapse of the construction to date.

19th February 2020